Man United v Chelsea: Sunday 9:00 a.m. New Oxford Pub plus party


So, we are all set for the Man United game following what was a happy shooting practice session against Maribor on Tuesday.

Hopefully Man U’s defence will also be similarly mesmerized by our passing and finishing. We may have a bit more work to do at the back, but have faith.

The game kicks-off at a civilised 9:00 a.m. our time, courtesy of the UK clocks changing before ours’. The Chelsea Breakfast Menu will be available from around 8:30.

Chelsea Party

The party will follow straight after the game -around 11:30. We will have some “finger food” courtesy of our Club and The New Oxford. Lots of door prizes plus the main Trip to Stamford Bridge prize.

You will be able to order from the New Oxford’s regular menu plus there will be a roast beef dinner for lunch!

Finally, and most importantly… absolutely no drinking and driving. Do not bring you car if you are going to drink unless you are certain you will leave it downtown.

Yaletown Roundhouse station is just around the corner, so no excuse for driving.

Please note that there is a half-marathon on Sunday but itdoesn’t appear to affect any of the roads we use. Here is a link to the map in case you want to be sure

C’mon You Blues!